Braving a Blizzard to Ease a Patient's Nerves

Atlantic Private Care's Michael Stettler Maintains PICC Line When Normal Care Team is Stranded

As snow began piling up on Monday morning, so did the nerves of a patient in Parsippany.

The recipient of twice-a-day infusion visits, the woman was very nervous she would not be able to disconnect after the overnight infusion as well as properly flush and maintain her PICC line.

She was assured by Michael Stettler, clinical director, Atlantic Private Care (APCS), that a nurse would be out to perform the service even if he had to go himself.

Shortly thereafter, he delivered on his promise.

With no relief in sight and the worst of the storm still on the way, it was clear that none of the regular team would be able to travel to her house. Without hesitation, Mike got in his car and went to her house.

"A client's piece of mind is as important as their physical needs," he said. "Taking on an inconvenience and an acceptable amount of risk at times is my responsibility. The client's appreciation and clear sense of relief made this a worthwhile adventure."

Mike was quick to jump in to perform the visit as planned, said Priscilla DeMasi, director, APCS, who Michael reports to.

"Mike's dedication to our clients and our team is wonderful and reflects APCS's commitment to the deliver high quality compassionate private duty nursing and home health aide services," she said. "APCS is lucky to have Mike on our team."

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