Ten Devices which can make the lives of seniors easier

Assisted technology can help improve the quality of life and independence of individuals with age-related challenges, by aiding in their daily activities, enhancing communication, ensuring safety, and providing cognitive support.

The team at the Atlantic Adult Day Center, in Basking Ridge, which offers an economical alternative to daily in-home care, has picked out their top tech to assist seniors.

  1. GPS Trackers: Devices can help in locating seniors who may wander, ensuring their safety.
  2. Communication Aids: Simplified tablets facilitate easy communication with loved ones. Many devices include screen readers for those with visual impairment.
  3. Adaptive Telephones: Phones with large buttons and photo speed dialing aid those with memory challenges.
  4. Wearable Health Monitors and alarms: Activity tracking watches can monitor some basic health metrics and alert caregivers to issues, such as falls.
  5. Voice-Activated Assistants: Devices which assist with reminders and control of smart home devices.
  6. Simplified Remote Controls: Easy-to-use remotes enhance the entertainment experience for seniors.
  7. Cognitive Stimulation Tools: At the day center we are lucky to have an interactive touch screen TV, which was donated to us by the Friends of the ADC. It allows the members to utilize technology during cognitive programming like Jeopardy, crossword puzzles, paint, and Junk Draw Detective. These programs encourage the members to get up from their seat come up to the screen and be able to circle, write in answers/ colors with just a touch of their fingers. It is engaging and makes programming much more fun!
  8. Personal alarms: Usually worn as a pendant, these alarms can alert a caregiver to an emergency, such as a fall.
  9. Smart smoke detectors: In addition to sounding an alarm, these advanced detectors can also send smartphone alerts to caregivers.
  10. Companion robots: New to the market and gaining in popularity are so-called companion robots, which use AI to have personalized conversations, set alarms, offer exercise sessions and play memory games.

For more information about the Atlantic Adult Day Center, please visit: Adult Day Center - Atlantic Health - Visiting Nurse Services

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